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Are You Exercising and Eating Right
and STILL Not Seeing Results?
If so, your health habits may not be the issue. 
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When you've Tried It All and 
nothing seems to work
it's time to navigate potential hormone imbalance
I know what it's like to do all the right things when it comes to your health, yet still be frustrated by a lack of results! Not to mention how you FEEL, which is typically tired, low energy, foggy, and not your true self. 

What I have found is that WHAT you do as far as your workouts and nutrition matters less than WHEN you do it! Thanks to my own personal story with hormone imbalance, and after working with multiple doctors, specialists, and doing hundreds of hours of research myself, I finally discovered the true solution: SYNCing your workouts and nutrition with your female hormone cycle. 

The reason nothing has worked so far is because you may be working AGAINST your female physiology instead of WITH it! For example, did you know that strength training during low hormone phases of your cycle is optimal? And that your body is more likely to burn fat during your luteal phase, when HIIT training is the best type of exercise to choose? Or that foods like broccoli can be beneficial in helping your liver detoxify excess estrogens, which typically land extra fat around your hips and thighs? 

SYNCing with your cycle is the absolute KEY to weight loss for women.
Speaking of Weight Gain in the Hips and Thighs...
Over 80% of women deal with hormone imbalance 
at some point in their lives. 
Some as early as their 20's and 30's!
In addition to weight gain, many women can experience... 
* irregular cycles
* heavy, or even nonexistent cycles
* low libido
* migraines
* exhaustion, or a daily need for caffeine
* irregularity in bowel habits
* cold hands and feet

And so much more!

But many women don't navigate this journey because finding the right doctor, and knowing what to ask and what testing to request, can feel overwhelming.
Take it from me, someone who met with over 13 doctors and nurse practitioners and spent over $10,000 in various testing before finding the right answer and uncovering the cause of my hormone imbalance. It can be expensive AND time-consuming!

I don't want you to spend 10 years and thousands of dollars like I did. 
Which is why I've created the SYNC online course: to help YOU shorten the time it takes to find answers!
I've learned that most women don't realize how good their bodies are designed to feel. 
Instead, we chalk it up to being tired mamas constantly pouring into others but rarely pouring into ourselves. And when we DO finally hop on board the exercise wagon, we hit a plateau and give up.

Not you. Not this time. 

THIS is the solution! Knowing the root cause of any hormone imbalance could be the game changer you need to not just attain results with your external physique, but how you feel on the inside. 
If you're sick of knowing your body is "off" and being dismissed by your doctor...
My backstory with hormone imbalance started just months after I married my high school sweetheart, one month out of college. We honeymooned in Mexico, and then started our first jobs in the real world: he as a high school science teacher and me as a magazine editor, which I would soon transition to an entry level job in corporate America at a large book publisher.

The migraines I had had most of my teenage life were starting to become more frequent until they became daily. My first two doctors tried what they could with me, sent me on to neurologists and headache specialists, and that is where my journey began: with a Doctor's note to my employer asking that the fluorescent lighting above my cubicle be turned off so I could function at work. So much for the corner office I aspired to someday.

Friday nights with my newlywed husband were spent frequenting local Urgent Cares for narcotic injections so that I could knock myself out and escape the pain. This made me feel like there was something wrong with me. Newlyweds should be out having fun on the weekends. If we dared to venture to an NFL game or go out on the town for a date night, I always, always had my little blue painkiller pill in my pocket. This is what my life looked like circa 2008.

By 2011, I had seen 3 primary care doctors, 2 neurologists, a spinal specialist, and 2 chiropractors, and had tried over a dozen preventative migraine medications, painkillers, Botox, 4 total neck surgeries, 2 different anti-seizure drug infusions, and, thanks to the drugs I had been guinea pig for, I passed 16 kidney stones in one summer.

You could say I was at rock bottom.

I was sick of sitting in waiting rooms, of waking every morning with pain, and for forfeiting my career due to the lack of focus and effort I could really put forth.

On a walk one day, my good friend and yoga instructor (yep, I tried yoga along the way, too) talked me off of a ledge. I was at wit's end, running out of the energy needed to maintain this fight for answers, and I needed help in so many ways. I'll never forget her words to me...

"You can't give up now."

She gave me the information of a local holistic practitioner who specialized in women's hormones. I told her no way. I had tried every possible type of doctor with zero results. After all, my OB/GYN had said she didn't think hormones were at play for me. She encouraged me anyway, because that's what friends do. I made the appointment.

I liken finding this Doctor, my now functional medicine M.D., to a woman finally finding her true love after dating many men. The other doctors and I had not meshed, and I had felt so much like a puppet, trying their drugs and concoctions and making follow-up appointments like it was a full-time job. I remember feeling like no one was ever willing to look at my body as a whole. All of the brain scans, pap smears, and specialized testing looked normal, which meant most appointments up until meeting THIS doctor felt like experts were telling me I was crazy. 

With just 2 visits to my now Doctor, I had testing done that no one had attempted before, and we discovered some pretty incredible hormone imbalances that were going on with me, which she believed to be the cause of not only my migraine hell, but my infertility, my 35 lb. weight gain, and my low quality of life. 

It was around this same time that a friend introduced me to a home fitness program and I decided to go all in on it. It humbled me in the first day, but I stuck with it, and I kept going. I used exercise as a distraction to my pain. Only folks truly in chronic pain will understand what I mean.

Slowly, my life started to change. Exercising led to learning more about nutrition and altering my diet, and before I knew it, I was training my body, eating real food and treating it as fuel, supplementing for my hormone imbalance, and as a result, sleeping better than ever. I started working in harmony with my female physiology, and everything started to shift. 

My relationship changed, for the better.

My body changed, and I lost 35 lbs.

Most importantly, my headaches went from every day, to just 2-3 days per month, and were always tied to my menstrual cycle.

I became obsessed with how I was feeling so much so that I became a personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, and certified in various nutrition programs. I left my corporate job and operated my own gym for close to 5 years before starting a family.

I found hormone balance in my mid to late 20's and was the definition of fit. But in my early 30's, the pain started to come back, along with some weight gain, fatigue, and other unwanted symptoms.

I knew something wasn't right.

But this time, I knew how to navigate and find answers. And, as if the heavens aligned at the right time, various experts entered the space of women's hormone health. Experts like Dr. Stacy Sims, Alisa Vitti, and Lara Briden, to name a few. I dug into their research and their books, and found myself submersed in podcasts and online courses paving my own path for my health. 

With this knowledge I took the tools I had loved for years, at-home workout programs, combined with the nutritional supplements I had used for years, and instead of just pushing myself through the calendar provided, or eating whatever I craved/was used to, I started to SYNC with my cycle.

I optimized my daily fitness to my infradian rhythm, which meant resting during certain phases of my cycle and pushing hard and strength training in others. 

I optimized nutrition, and things like seed cycling and increasing omegas to fight inflammation, in conjunction with the 4 phases of my cycle.

I supplemented nutritionally through superfoods and vitamins to help my body detoxify the things it was finding toxic and function the way it was designed to function. 

In other words, I had navigated my way to good health again, for a second time in my life, despite hormonal imbalance setbacks, which helped solidify this idea that became my new mantra: 

I am my own best Doctor.

Soon, I started to receive messages from women asking for my help. Many of them, and many of their daughters, were dealing with inconsistent periods, inexplainable weight gain, lack of energy, PMS, and so much more. They were often doing all of the things: exercising and working with a Dr., but not seeing improvement. 

That's when I decided I needed to take everything I had learned about navigating my own health and teach it to other women. Because it shouldn't take 10+ years and a journey like mine, full of struggle and pain, to get answers. 

And thus, the SYNC program was born. 
Jenny Swisher
I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Independent Team Beachbody Coach (2X Top 200 Elite), and am certified in the Stacy Sims' "Women Are Not Small Men" method of training. I have self-studied women's hormones for over a decade, and have spent 15 years navigating hormone imbalance for myself and alongside my clients.

I am a wife and a mother of two girls and am a firm believer in living a healthy lifestyle for both myself and as a model to them. 

As a former gym owner, I know the reality that is women struggling to lose the weight and feel their best, and I wholeheartedly believe that hormone health is nearly always the answer. This knowledge has changed my life, and it can absolutely change yours!

The Stories of Women Just Like YOU!

Imagine waking each morning with
soaring energy!
How women's lives have changed...

"In the fall of 2019 I just about hit rock bottom. My daily migraine pain was off the charts at least three to four days a week. I was having mood swings that were so severe, and I felt like I was on a chronic PMS roller coaster. I had a complete hysterectomy in 2012, so this was not just PMS. I had friends suggesting for me to get my hormones checked. At the time, I came across Jenny and her story of migraines and hormones, so I reached out to her and she encouraged me start the SYNC course. 

I met with my new Nurse Practitioner in December. She ran all types of tests and we were able to go over the results. My numbers were completely off so I started BioIdentical HRT pellets along with a strict food sensitivity protocol. 

Currently I am in the fourth month of using her program and I am amazed every day with my results. I admit I can't tell you exactly how many inches I have lost. What I can tell you is since the start of April, my daily migraine pain has dropped from an average of 7-8 to an average of 2-3 with the highest pain being a 5. I can also share that I went from averaging about 5.5 hours a sleep a night to now getting anywhere from 6.5 to 7.5 hours of good quality sleep. My quality of life has improved beyond measure. This gym rat will never go back to training any other way & I pray one day to be pain-free." ~ Karen W.

I want this for YOU!

The time is NOW to opt in to the SYNC program so that YOU can achieve amazing results and feel like yourself again. 
With the right practitioner, supplementation, workouts, and nutrition, you will wake up every day ready to take on the world!

Once inside, you'll find...
You will receive lifetime access to this 6-module digital course AND the corresponding Facebook group, where I facilitate additional learning, Q&A, and daily accountability.
For Only For $259
What's Included In This Offer...

Lifetime Access to 6-Module Digital Course
You will receive 12 weeks worth of daily workouts easily customizable to your specific hormone cycle. Also included are 7 meal plans (including recipes and grocery lists) and access to our private Facebook group of women just like you looking to finally see results in their health and fitness. The course itself will teach you everything you need to know to get proper hormone testing, work with your practitioner, supplement your body, and master the four fundamentals of hormone balance. 
12 Week Fitness Calendar
3 months worth of exercise regimens laid out for you, all SYNC'd to your hormone cycle! This calendar will tell you what workouts to press Play on daily, depending on the day of your cycle, so that you can optimize fat-burning times of month, strength gain times of month, and rest/recovery times of month, which is crucial to making progress in your fitness as a female. 
Weekly Meal Plans and Grocery Lists, including PMS Specific Plans
Yep, we will even give you a weekly meal plan outlook, along with the groceries needed to execute that plan. On top of that, PMS meal plans to help you combat the bloat, headaches, and fatigue that comes monthly when your period rolls around. I take the guesswork out of your eating game and I give you everything you need to absolutely crush your nutrition (and no, these are not chicken-broccoli-rice meals! Think tacos, pasta, burgers, and more!)
Facebook Community
You'll have FREE access to our Facebook community filled with like-minded women struggling with similar hormone imbalance problems. This group acts as a great source of accountability for your workouts and nutrition, and is also a place where I facilitate weekly LIVE Q&A and provide additional research and tips.
Questions for Your Dr. PDF Guide
Most women know their check engine light is flashing but they have no idea where to begin with testing. This downloadable will help you know exactly what to ask your practitioner, including what testing to request!
Supplement Guide
Once we dig into what's uniquely going on in YOUR body, we can better target these issues with the proper supplementation. In the course, you'll find links and discounts for nutritional and herbal supplements to help you feel your best!
Breath Workshop Video
Stress wreaks havoc on the adrenals, and for women suffering from hormone imbalance, managing this is key! This workshop is facilitated by a 500-Hour Yoga Instructor and Meditation Guru, and focuses on de-stressing the body from the inside out. 
This Course Contains EVERYTHING you need to get to the bottom of your weight loss resistance, including the tools you need to get fit and healthy from home AND the things you need to know to navigate this journey with the right health care practitioner! 

This will save you YEARS of navigating the journey on your own.
SYNC With Your Cycle to See Results
The bottom line is this: There are too many diet trends on the market that can harm your hormone health: things like Keto, intermittent fasting, and drastic caloric restriction. While all of these options might yield short term results, research shows us that in the long term, women typically wind up gaining the weight back again, or messing up their hormones moreso by eating in these ways. 

The KEY to finding long-term weight loss and weight maintenance, not to mention FEELING YOUR BEST, is in pinpointing the ultimate cause of hormone imbalance and training in SYNC with your cycle.

I've used myself as a guinea pig to test this program first, followed by a Beta group of close to 50 women who have nothing but fantastic things to say about their experience and newfound knowledge. 

Stop spending money and time doing things that aren't the root cause and/or sustainable. Instead, let's navigate this journey together. 

I look forward to working with you. 

~ Jenny Swisher
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  • Weekly Meal Plans and Grocery Lists (+ PMS Meal Plans) ($490 Value)
  •  Questions to Ask Your Dr. PDF Guide ($300 Value)
  •  Breath Workshop Video ($200 Value)
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